Egyptian God-Heron Benu, sprinkles on the gray Russian herons divine essence of life and brings them into the world of light

Scientists say that every hour on earth disappears about 3 species of living beings, 72 species die every day. Biologists have already called our time-the sixth great extinction. It is caused solely by human activity. My work is devoted to herons – gray Russian and yellow Egyptian. Once they numbered in the millions, but in recent years due to pollution of rivers and lakes, this bird began to die out. Already now in some regions of Russia grey bird listed in the Red book. I represent work on which you can see the plot, where Egyptian God-Heron Benu, sprinkles on gray Russian herons divine essence of life and brings them to the world of light.


As well as a sketch of the installation. Giant (metal) legs of the Heron God Benu. They stand on the ground and seem to go into the clouds in the world of the gods, where the Egyptian God lives-Heron. On the ground, they form a portal through which they float in old boats overgrown with sedge, the shadows of gray herons that have disappeared from the face of the earth (sculptures or metal outlines)

The idea of an installation that reminds us of the fragility of our world. That every day we lose the most beautiful creatures of this world, created by nature.

Please don’t take my ideas. The idea of the project is protected by copyright of the civil code Article 1265. “The right of authorship and the right of the author to the name.” If you are interested in the idea of the installation write, we will communicate.

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