Portraits of the world’s Great gardeners on garden shovels. The person who created the gardens.

On these difficult days for humanity, we all found ourselves isolated from our habitual world. Locked in my Moscow apartment, I got  what happiness is to live on earth and create. Our whole life is artificial and illusory. At the end of winter, I brought a couple of old shovels from my dacha to paint on them. Right now, I realise that I would like to be in a beautiful garden, standing barefoot on the ground and feeling the wind, hearing the buzz of bees and dragonflies. I am thinking of the great gardeners of the world who created magnificent gardens and parks. They decorated this world as if competing with God in being called The Creators on Earth .

Under the impression of gardens of the great landscape architect  André Le Nôtre, I went to study as a landscape designer. I used to work as a journalist, an artist, and a wine specialist before. But what could be more beautiful than creating a garden on Earth! I decided to paint a portrait of the great landscape architect, author of the Royal gardens and the Park of Versailles, André Le Nôtre on a shovel.

André Le Nôtre

The second was Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland, the great French geographer and botanist, naturalist and traveler of the first half of the XIX century.

Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland

The subject of portraits of great gardeners on shovels completely fascinated me. I started collecting old shovels and went on painting portraits.  While working, I realized that many great people-writers, artists, scientists, film-directors, actors, musicians, in addition to their main activities, planted beautiful gardens. And I decided to write all the great ones who transformed this world with their creativity and love to the earth.

Rudyard Kipling grew roses and pears.

Rudyard Kipling

Agatha Christie grew eucalypts, rhododendrons and camellias.

Agatha Christie

Walter Scott grew pines, oaks, and maples.

Walter Scott

The great painter Claude Manet was inspired all his life by his own garden and its beauty.

Claude Manet

 The great Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev grew herbs and fruit trees.

Dmitry Mendeleev

And what magical gardens are created by the great architect Antonio Gaudi.

Antonio Gaudi

Avant-garde filmmaker, screenwriter and artist Derek Jarman created his garden as a zone of magic and a field of new opportunities.

Derek Jarman

What can one person do? In 1953, the French writer Jean Giono published a story called “the Man who planted trees”, which told about a shepherd who alone restored the forest. The story was very touching and many considered the main character, Elzear bouffier, a real historical character, and the author – a witness to his many years of work. Many people were inspired by this book to plant gardens and forests.

I continue to paint portraits of great gardeners and want to show this project to the world. I want to sow the seeds of creating a new beautiful blooming reality.

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