I share my impressions of the city of Bruges, tell about the history of the city, and also show my work “Spirit of the city of Bruges”. I came to Bruges for the opening of the triennial of contemporary art. Contemporary artists and architects from around the world have created art installations for the historic centre of Bruges. Bruges offered thinking humanity quite a lot of hypotheses and versions associated with the change of the world picture. What should modern cities be like? What should the cities of the future look like? What should art be like? The Triennale of contemporary art in Bruges helped me to look at the world more voluminously, to collect very different pictures of the world. The collective work of thinking and creative people, past and present, has changed my idea of the city in terms of sacred geography and symbols, medieval architecture and modern art and new technologies. I realized that the usual reality can change like a snake skin, if it is supplemented or accentuated by any artifact or installation. I saw medieval Bruges as a city-paradox, where art installations appeared on the architectural canvas of the high and late middle Ages as portals to other dimensions and worlds.

The Spirit Of Bruges

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