“Find the Cat” garden at the festival of historical gardens in Tsaritsyno.

In my garden “Find the cat” I decided to combine the real history associated with the Empress Catherine II and the traditions of entertaining garden space. Russian Empress Catherine the great souls not chayala in cats. The ruler itself is brought Shorthair breed is “Russian blue”. Catherine II constantly sent kittens as gifts to members of the British Royal family. In addition, kind to animals, the Empress was welcomed and stray cats. But, like a true aristocrat, the Empress made a clear distinction between purebred and domestic cats. If the first allowed to freely walk around the Palace, the usual cats were sent to the cellars to catch mice. Their Pets Empress loved, an example of which can serve as the story of her missing cat. After the cat disappeared, it was ordered to find him, issued a special decree. It was this and the announcement of the townsfolk – that they were not afraid to return to the Empress missing.
In my garden, I combine a love of the Russian Empress to cats and the idea of the famous monument of Japanese culture sixteenth century “Garden Fifteen stones” ryōan-JI temple. The highlight of this garden is that one stone is missing. Any viewer who came here, it seems that only fourteen stones. The abbots of the temple claim that the fifteenth stone can be seen only by an enlightened person who has cleared his soul of all alluvial. The inscription on the stone in the garden reads:”what everyone has is all that he needs.” In my garden not stones, and cats, in which we souls not tea. And need to find the fifteenth, beloved cat of the Empress. The garden uses the principles of a landscape Park and a traditional Japanese garden. Plants – mountain pines, spruce, iris, grass. Traditional mask samurai shows the character of Love. The garden received the bronze medal of the festival.

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