LADA-Slavic goddess of love

Lada, Ladushka Goddess of love and beauty, harmony, creation, patroness of family ties, defender of children, Heavenly Mother that gave birth to the gods, life-giving force of the universe. It has kept the whole universe in harmony and balance since the beginning of time. Everything in the world is under her protection. Lada is the essence of everything-the driving force of the Universe, which manifests energy from Navi to Reality. The mistress of the Iria of Light, by the power of Love protects our world from troubles and evil. They say: Who is in harmony with himself-he is in harmony with the whole world. A little talk about the cosmogony of the Slavs. God Rod-the one life-giving principle-came out of the universal cosmic egg-the heart of the universe. He combined in himself two principles, male and female-from which the Father and Mother of the universe were revealed— Svarog and Lada, and from them everything in the Universe was revealed. Svarog is the source, the beginning, the first cause, consciousness, and Lada is everything that exists and is born, Nature itself. Consciousness cannot manifest without movement in it — this vibration is the Nature inseparable from it. We know ourselves – through action, through manifestation in the material world. Lada is an abstract divine feminine principle or feminine aspect of the creative power of God the Creator. The space in which everything is born. The great void or the great nothing. Therefore, I made my Fret without a face and mirror, it is in each of us, it is a field of possibilities and a field of miracles, it is life itself with all its manifestations, images. The main attribute of the Lada it is the Swan which symbolizes purity, love and faithfulness. The second important symbol of the Slavic goddess is a circle, meaning the universe with the image of an inverted (base up) triangle, symbolizing her heart. Tree-birch, which has magical properties and is a female tree. We can say that “Lad” is “cosmos”. It is an ordered space in which everything is based on the principles of harmony.

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